Whether you're headed to the office or out for a night of fun, the right handbag can raise your outfit to the next level. Here's a look at some of the hottest handbag styles you'll want to add to your collection this year.

Fringed Bags

Fringe may remind you of hippies and the 1960s, but it's every bit as trendy today. Wear a fringed bag to a music festival or when you're shopping around town with friends. Neutral-colored leather fringe bags are great because they coordinate with many outfits, but if you have a loud personality and like to show off with more vibrant clothes, don't hesitate to choose a little color. Fringe bags are meant to be fun, and a red, blue, or bright purple one will look great for informal occasions.


Sometimes a big bag can get in the way. Minibags are quite trendy and come in really handy if you're headed out to dance at the club, meet a friend for dinner, or even take a walk in the park. They have just enough space for your phone, ID, and a little cash -- but they're not short on style. Look for minibags with little buckles for an edgier look, or ones with jewel embellishments and an all-leather construction for more formal affairs.

Chain-Detailed Bags

You might think of chains as a hallmark style of the counter-culture, but today's chain-detailed bags use very delicate chains that create a surprisingly posh look. Bags with thin silver or gold chains strung across the outside are very fashionable for professional occasions like important work meetings and seminars. Look for solid black, navy or taupe bags with a few chain embellishments; pair them with your power suit for a confident, capable look.

Circle-Shaped Bags

Hard-sided bags that are shaped like circles and that snap closed at the top are becoming increasingly popular. These bags come in more formal designs, such as with a solid-colored leather exterior, but they also come in many bright, playful patterns. A geometric-patterned circle bag looks great with a relaxed sundress or flowing top since its highly formed shape contrasts the more flowing nature of the outfit.

Take some time to shop for handbags at local stores or go to websites for online retailers. This season is all about handbags that attract some attention without overwhelming the rest of your outfit. It's fun to have some chain-detailed, circle-shaped, fringed and mini bags on hand so you can always look stylish when you head out.