If you are going to be getting contacts, you want to learn how to take proper care of them and prevent damage to them. While contacts are considered to be easy to care for, there are still a few things you should do to keep them in good condition preventing them from getting ripped or scratched. This article will give you the information you need to care for your contacts.

Clean your contacts well

You should always make sure you wash your hands well before touching your lenses. Hold one of the lenses carefully with your index finger and your thumb. Make sure you use fresh cleaning solution each time and apply it generously to the contact. Rub the contact gently between your fingers to thoroughly clean it. Add more solution afterwards to give it a good rinse.  You should be cleaning your contacts after each use and before you put them in your eyes.

Be very careful that your fingernails don't come in contact with the contact lenses while you are cleaning them. Your nails can easily cause damage to the lenses and nails are known for harboring a lot of germs. Also, never try to use water to clean your contacts, they should only be cleaned with a solution specifically made for contact lenses.

Avoid cleaning your contacts directly over your sink, they can easily slip out of your fingers and go right down the sink drain. Instead, clean them over the counter where you will be able to quickly pick them up if you do drop them.

Store your contacts properly

Anytime you have the contacts out of your eyes, they should be placed in the contact case with plenty of soaking solution. Also, the lids need to be shut tightly so the solution doesn't evaporate and dust doesn't get to them.

Don't wear your contacts in the wrong conditions

Any time you wear your contacts in conditions that cause your eyes to become irritated, you are putting the contacts at risk. When your eyes are irritated, you may rub them or blink them rapidly. Both these things can cause the contacts to come out of your eyes where they can get lost or damaged.

By taking good care of your contact lenses you can expect them to last you as long as they are supposed to last for, and you can avoid painful pits and tears. For further assistance, contact a local optometrist.