There is a widely spread misconception that African-American women experience hair growth at a slower rate than other races. In reality, the average hair growth per year for all people is about six inches. However, how you care for your hair can have a significant impact on how much of that you keep. If you are looking for ways to maintain and encourage hair growth, here are some tips. 

Moisturize Your Hair

Regardless of whether you are relaxing your hair or sticking with your natural texture, it is easy for hair to become dry. When your hair is dry, it can become brittle and break off easily. Simple tasks, such as styling your hair, can result in major hair loss every day with dry hair. To avoid this problem, it is important to keep your hair moisturized. 

There are several ways you can achieve this. One is to use natural leave-in conditioners on a daily basis. Apply the conditioner to your hair and not the roots for the best results. You can also combat dry hair by deep conditioning at least once a week. If you do not plan to use a hair dryer while deep conditioning, apply the conditioner and wear a shower cap over your hair. 

Wear Protective Hair Styles

A protective hairstyle will not cause your hair to grow, but it will help you to retain the growth that you have experienced. During the day, your hair experiences a lot from hair styling, the weather, and other elements. Unfortunately, all of these elements can leave your hair badly damaged. Occasionally wearing a protective hairstyle can help give your hair the rest it needs. 

Protective hair styles do not have to be overly complicated either. There are many options, such as wearing a natural hair wig, braids, up-dos, and twists. If you do opt to wear a natural wig, avoid wearing it around the clock. Take it off at night. Wearing it 24 hours a day can lead to traction alopecia

Do Not Be Afraid of Herbs

Herbs can be good for your hair. Some of your favorite hair care products (available at stores like Alaska Dollar Market & Beauty Supply) most likely contain herbs, such as sage, rosemary, and burdock. Herbs can help to improve blood circulation to your hair follicles and keep your hair from drying out. You can experiment with the various herbs available to find the right combination of herbs for you. 

Talk to your hair stylist about other things you can do to help retain your hair growth. Chances are, your stylist can not only give you additional tips, but provide you with help finding the right herbal combination for your hair.