Whether you view getting a haircut as a necessary chore or as a cherished beauty routine, you want to get the best service possible at the hair salon. Well, hairstylists want to give you great service, so it should be easy, right? In fact, salon clients affect their service more than they realize. Learn how to get fantastic service every time you go into the salon.

Be on Time

How irritating is it to show up to your service on time and have to wait because the stylist squeezed another customer in? It's equally as frustrating for stylists to have to wait on a customer. Services take a specific amount of time, and being off by 15 minutes can skew an entire day. If you're going to be late, call ahead – and tip well if the salon staff accommodates you.

Tip Well

Speaking of tipping, when you pay at a professional hair salon, like Hott Heads Salon, you are only paying for the haircut, color, etc.  Technically, the service portion is what garners a tip. Remember, stylists can give you a fabulous haircut in dead silence, while chatting to another stylist, while dominating the conversation about their own lives or while hard selling hair care products. Conversely, if you had a pleasant experience, USA Today suggests tipping a minimum 20 percent. Likewise, if you receive a discounted service, the tip should be based on the full price.

Pay for the Extra Service

Depending on the hair salon, shampooing may be an extra service. It's fine if you don't want to pay for the extra service – unless you have hat head or a lot of product in your hair. It's perfectly normal to put a hat on to cover an overgrown haircut. However, the hatband creates a ridge in the hair that makes blending your haircut difficult. Likewise, excess product is hard to work around and can gum up the stylists' shears. If you've had to use a hat or extra gel as a crutch for a grown out haircut, expect to pay for the shampooing if your salon charges.

Corral the Kids

Hair salons are the definition of spaces that aren't child-proofed. There are chemicals, sharp implements and electrical devices all out in the open, often at kid-level. Allowing children to roam free on the salon floor is a recipe for disaster. It might also mean the stylist is too concerned with watching out for the safety of your children to give you excellent service.

It's not your job to make your hairstylist happy. However, a happy hairstylist is more likely to give you service that is above and beyond – and that's a win-win.