If you wear glasses, the way you wear your makeup can have an impact on your overall look. The rules are a bit different for those wearing glasses, as the eye area is enhanced already. The glass in your spectacles can make your eyes appear smaller or larger depending on your vision correction, so this will need to be addressed to make your eyes look natural. Here's some of the best makeup advice to help you look your best while donning your vision correction frames.

Enhance The Lips

When you wear glasses, the eyes are drawn to them automatically. To help draw attention away from your glasses, wearing lip color can help redirect the focal point. Wear a bright-colored lip color to complement your overall appearance. Lip color will balance out the look of your face, so it is alright to match the shade with your frames, if desired.

For a bolder look, wear lip color that offsets your frame color. Reds will complement darker frames well, while pinks and purples look great with lighter frames. Anything goes, however, so be as dramatic or subdued as you want!

Keep It Simple

When wearing glasses, it is best to keep your eye make up simple so it does not clash or become too dramatic. Neutral colors will work great at dressing up your eyes while staying simple so your eye area does not appear cluttered. Light browns, beige and pink shades will make your eyes look neat while eliminating the overdone look. Add a few coats of mascara to add some definition. 

Use Liner

The best look for eyeliner when wearing glasses is the cat eye look. For a balanced look, match the width you use for eyeliner to the width of your frames. If you have thin frames, stick with a thin line of eyeliner above your lashes on your eyelid. For wider frames, a bolder line would make the overall look balanced without losing the look of the liner behind the frames. Black works for all frames and skin tones and it will give you a sophisticated look while drawing the eyes to your own eyes and not the frames of your glasses.

Cover Dark Areas

Wearing glasses can make your eyes seem shadowy. Brighten up the look of your eyes by using a shimmering highlighter underneath each eye. Another way to brighten the eyes is to use a bit of white eyeliner on the bottom inner corners of each eye. For dramatic dark shadows, skip wearing dark eyeliner on the bottoms of your eyes. This will draw attention to the tops of your eyes instead.

Adjust Eye Size

If you have lenses that make your eyes seem smaller, enlarge their look by using eyeliner on both the tops and bottoms of your eyes. For lenses that make eyes look larger, use very little eyeliner. Use the cat eye look but go light on the shade and thickness to downplay the size of your eye.