If you are interested in having hair extensions added to your hair to make it longer, you have to make sure you are ready for the commitment before you spend the money. If you are going to spend the money, you have to be careful what extensions you pick. Here are a few things that you want to consider while you are looking at different options.

How Long Do You Need Long Hair?

If you don't care for long hair, and you only want to have long hair for a special event, you might want to consider getting clip in extensions, or hair accessories that look like an up do. If you want to have lots of curls to pin up, or if you want a certain style, you may be able to find a wig or other hair accessories to compensate, before spending money.

Get Real Hair

If you want extensions that are going to last, and you want them to look good, you need to get real hair. The real hair extensions are going to cost more, but they are worth the investment. The real hair can easily be washed and dried with any type of shampoo or conditioner, and you can change styles whenever you want.

You can curl it, use a flat iron, and pull it back in a ponytail without worrying about it falling out. You can even dye the extensions with the color of your natural hair if you'd like, or add highlights.

Professional Application is Key

Don't let someone who doesn't have experience with hair extensions put them in for you. You are paying a lot of money for the extensions, so you want to make sure that they last. The experts can put the extensions in tight so they feel secure and aren't noticeable. Some hair stylists specialize specifically in extension application.

There are extensions that clip into your hair that you can find at some drugstores, and there are extensions that cost hundreds of dollars to purchase. You may want to start with a middle grade for your first time, to decide if you like having the extensions in. If you do enjoy the extensions, then it will be worth the money to purchase higher quality options. Make sure that you have the extensions maintained while they are in your hair, since your natural hair will grow out and make the extensions loose.