It would be nice if your hair would stay perfect all through a day, but reality is not nice. Humidity, sweat, and skin oil can be murder on a hairstyle. If you find that your hair is at its best right as you leave and that it gradually degrades over the course of your day, it might be time to add a new produce to your arsenal. Dry shampoos can bring new life to oily and/or limp hair, but it is important to find a shampoo that works for you. 

How Dry Shampoos Work

When your hair gets wet and/or greasy, it can get weighed down. You end up losing your hairstyle, and your looks greasy and nasty. Dry shampoos come as a spray-on powder. The bottle for a dry shampoo will look a lot like the canister for hairspray. To apply the shampoo, you simply spray it all over your hair and then work it through your hair with a brush. The powder will then absorb the grease and moisture from your hair. You can then restyle your hair and continue on with your day. Some dry shampoos will also add a little volume to your hair. 

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Some people who use dry shampoo complain that it can leave hair leaving sticky or that it can leave dandruff-like flakes in your hair. While these concerns might have something to do with the shampoo you use, they also might have to do with how you use your shampoo. To get the most from your dry shampoo, it helps to know how to use it. 

1. Hold your dry shampoo several inches from your hair and use long, even strokes as you apply it so that you don't get too much product in any one place. 

2. You can use a brush to work the shampoo through your hair, but be careful to make sure that it doesn't build up on your scalp since scalp buildup can cause itching.

3. Wait ten minutes or so for the shampoo to absorb oils from your hair, then use a comb to clean the powder out of your hair.

4. Restyle your hair as needed. 

If you are sick of your hair getting limp and oily midway through your day, do something about it. Dry shampoos can help to eliminate oils and revive your hair, so they make a great addition to any travel bag. Having the best dry shampoo in your bag can give you a secret weapon for combating the ill effects of a bad hair day.