You've decided on an Elvis wedding ceremony in Vegas because neither you nor your significant other are the formal wedding type. You prefer to have fun and make this wedding your own. With that said, most Vegas weddings include the entire package of flowers, music, photography and caterers, so all you need to do is decide on a chapel and a theme. You can even ask for a wedding consultant if you need help finding what you need. If you and your hunka burning love have your heart set on an Elvis wedding, there are a few tips that can walk you through the planning process.

Wedding Prerequisites             

So you've decided to walk the aisle with a plethora of Elvis-themed music surrounding you. When you begin planning out your big day, you should know that in the state of Nevada you are not required to submit a blood test. There is also no waiting period, so if you decide today is your wedding day you can go for it. You must be at least 18 years of age or at least have parental consent. You must also have proper ID, such as a military ID, passport, birth certificate or driver's license. You will also have to provide the officiant with your social security numbers and get a marriage license – which can be done the day before.

Considering the Date

While the majority of weddings in Las Vegas happen in the spur of the moment, if you are planning a wedding and want a specific date, you need to call ahead and make sure it is available. This goes for both the wedding chapel and any accommodations you will need. Keep in mind that popular holidays – such as Valentine's Day and Christmas – fill up quickly in Vegas. Unless you want to be standing in line for hours waiting to tie the knot, you need to plan as far in advance and make the reservations.

Creating Your Own Package

The great thing about Vegas weddings is you have the ability to create a wedding that no one has thought of before and no one will judge you for it. In most cases, you won't have to beg or put up with strange looks if you want your officiant to sing "Love Me Tender" or any one of many strange requests you might have. The important thing is don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Plan ahead for weird requests, so your wedding is what you expect it to be. Just keep in mind when you start planning, that Las Vegas is located in the desert, so it is extremely hot in the summer. You don't want your wedding or reception to be in the middle of the day where your cake will melt and your best man passes out from the heat. Instead, consider a night wedding or move the event indoors.

Reducing Costs

If money is an obstacle, you may want to consider booking your wedding during the off season. July and August offers a variety of bargains due to the heat, also because Christmas and New Year's tend to be popular seasons for Vegas, there is usually a drop in tourists in late January and February. These months will offer you the best deals.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer someone who is planning a wedding. From a variety of accommodation to a selection of wedding themes, you are sure to find something perfect for your situation. While planning is not a necessity, it helps to look ahead and plan somewhat in advance to get the date you want and to get the best deals.

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